Composite material: Great potential for the future.

Composites are being used to an increasing extent in industrial applications. Today, these state-of-the-art materials aren't just used to manufacture important components such as wings for airplanes or windmills, but also for consumer goods such as kitchen and sanitary objects. In the case of the latter, particle composite materials are used in which our mineral filler materials are contained in a share of up to 85%, and therefore play a supporting role in the truest sense of the word.

A market leader from the very start

When it comes to filler materials for composites, Dorfner has claimed its place as a key innovator and development partner right from the beginning. We have provided a major contribution to the manufacturability of resin-composite based kitchens and sanitary fittings with a high degree of technical perfection and economic efficiency. And our technologies ensure that these high-quality products not only perform superbly during everyday use, but also look great while doing so.

System partner for new and highly profitable degrees of freedom

Designers and manufacturers who want to distinguish themselves through a high-quality design of their kitchens and sanitary objects , must broaden or even eliminate the boundaries of conventional materials such as stainless steel or ceramics. They need new materials that will provide them with new perspectives and greater degrees of freedom in the design of contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. Precisely for these manufacturers, who aim to pursue a new design direction, Dorfner offers everything you can expect from a holistic-minded and high-performance system partner: the best composite raw materials, valuable application know-how, as well as a sophisticated, fast-to-target consulting regarding manufacturing and processing. These are the best ingredients to create high-quality and attractive composite objects for new bathroom environments, as well as an aesthetic kitchen ambience that can win over the hearts of consumers and gain high shares in an upscale to exclusive market segment.

Portfolio with refinement

Against this background, it is self-evident why our brand-name filler materials are present in a large number of kitchen sinks. Our GRANUCOL® range of products offers a variety of colors, sets accents and enables the creation of refined designs for attractive kitchen environments. Where other materials impede the design, we are creating an enormous range of options with filler materials from the GRANUCOL® H series. For new and innovative sanitary objects in every conceivable look and feel, whether they are matte, silky or glossy, white or coloured, everything is possible!

Clever technology

Material specialists have great fun with a special Dorfner technology, which is used to anchor filler materials and reactive groups to the filler particles. During the polymerization and curing of the casting resin, they are chemically bonded to the synthetic resin. The effect we are able to achieve with it is extraordinary. There are no comparable filler materials worldwide that are integrated into the surrounding resin matrix so properly and to such a degree of efficiency to create highly resistant composites like our chemically surface treated brand-name products from the GRANUCOL® SIG/SIL, GRANUCOL® DURA/SIL and GRANUCOL® FFB/SIL product range.