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GRANUCOL® SIG – solutions for attractive lightweight roofing

Roofs do not always have to be covered with tiles nor do they have to be heavy. Shingle solutions are now available which are both lightweight and attractive. These contemporary roof shingles are made of specially galvanized sheet steel or durable aluminum coated with GRANUCOL® SIG, our color quartz sand.

The new roof

Many new buildings have attractive, lightweight shingle roofs which retain their attractive appearance over the long term.

The inner qualities of GRANUCOL® SIG

GRANUCOL® SIG consists of a mineral core such as rounded Dorfner quartz sand. The particles are coated with a glaze-like ceramic matrix containing embedded inorganic color pigments. Roof shingle producers have a choice of more than 300 colors which they can spread on the shingles to give them an attractive, colorful appearance.

A: Cross-section of a roof shingle, Granucol SIG, rel. dense, in the topmost layer. B: Water droplet hits the surface and atomizes. C: The sun’s rays strike GRANUCOL® SIG particles and are scattered on the surface (!).

GRANUCOL® SIG dampens sound and protects against UV radiation

Roof shingles coated with GRANUCOL® SIG (cross-section, A) not only look good, they also have other important functions. GRANUCOL® SIG on the surface of the shingles prevents rain drops from directly striking the shingles and making a lot of noise. The drops are atomized and quietly run off (B). The glass-like coating on GRANUCOL® SIG with its embedded pigments acts as a UV filter. GRANUCOL® SIG efficiently protects the shingles from aggressive UV radiation.

GRANUCOL® SIG – customer benefits at a Glance


  • Hard core and hard husk, for hard-wearing roof shingles
  • Glass-like, extremely durable coating protects against UV radiation
  • Contains inorganic color pigments for maximum color fastness and UV protection
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  • Extensive color palette and many color blends
  • Easily spread by machine
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  • Long-lasting, lightweight roofs
  • Quiet, weather-proof roof tiles
  • High color fidelity and UV protection
  • Low system costs
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