Plastics and elastomers need the right reinforcement

Developers who use plastics and elastomers in technical applications are exceptionally inventive. Using all means available, they try to modify the properties of the materials so that they are perfectly suited for the functionality of the molded parts which will be made from the materials. Fillers are a major aspect of engineering, because they give plastics mechanical strength and prevent premature aging of elastomers such as synthetic rubber.

Right at home in a variety of different materials

The fillers which Dorfner supplies for plastics and elastomers are based on calcined kaolins, both in their native form and with innovative surface modifications. They are used primarily in polyamides, polyolefins for agricultural foil and synthetic elastomers.

Calcined kaolins are the solution

Dorfner fillers disperse extremely well in the plastic matrix. They facilitate the injection molding and vulcanization process and give the surface of molded parts optimal slip and wear characteristics. Our products are very high quality and are suitable for direct dosing at the extruder or they can be introduced in master batches into the matrix.