A broad range of applications

Construction workers have a lot of jobs to do including spackling, levelling, coating, smoothing, repairing, securing, jointing and sealing. Special construction chemicals are available for each of these tasks. They are normally supplied as paste compounds consisting of a binder, fillers and additives supplied ready to use right out of the container or after being mixed with water. They can be applied by hand, with a roller or sprayed on.

Refined minerals with truly exceptional features

Refined mineral fillers from Dorfner are used in many of these construction chemicals, and the volumes supplied continue to increase. That is hardly surprising because our fillers are in a class of their own. They have very good wetting properties and are readily dispersible, making them easy to blend into pasty formulations. Our fillers that are based on Dorfner quartz sand are compatible with all commonly used binders, both in hydraulically setting systems and synthetic resin based systems. Also, our fillers for construction chemicals are perfectly formulated, promoting easy workability of the host product. Hard quartz particles embedded in the matrix build up a three-dimensional lattice which gives the hardened compound a good hold, high strength and excellent durability.

Development partnerships push the envelope

Dorfner is a major development partner for construction chemical manufacturers. In pursuit of the common goal, we share our expertise in particle technology and filler surface treatment. The desired outcome is construction chemicals with new functionality in construction applications. The products must be easy to use, boost productivity and if possible reduce system costs.