Development – making the impossible possible

For any company which serves as many different target markets as we do, having your own highly capable applications-centric development organization in-house is absolutely essential. For years, our R&D departments have been able to attract application engineering talent from many of our target industries. Their skills give us the expertise needed to deliver a full range of application engineering services to support our products. Our customers highly value the continued expansion of our application engineering services in recent years. They benefit because we deliver in-depth knowledge, practical expertise and active support which makes it as simple and convenient as possible for them to use our products in their production process and to create added value.

The right solutions for demanding applications

Customers today demand exceptional product performance, often with unusual combinations of physical and chemical properties. Not only that, in many cases multi-functionality is also high on the priority list, and customers expect Dorfner to provide a basis for greater design freedom. Our advanced application engineering team is creative and inventive. Our people always find the right solution when there is a need, for example, to develop new formulations for dispersion paint and floor coatings or to make application-specific, cost-effective engineering optimizations to customer processes.