Purity creates transparency

Dorfner glass sand tends to be used wherever architectural considerations, aesthetic appeal or physical properties place exceptional demands on glass. It is easy to see why that is the case, but a very substantial technical effort is needed to produce the sand. High-grade glass must allow a lot of light to pass through. The less “light swallowing” impurities it contains, the better it is able to do that, or to put it another way, the higher the purity of the glass, the better the quality. This is exactly where Dorfner is able to exploit its core strengths. Dorfner’s quartz deposits are some of the best in Europe. Not only that, Dorfner uses unrivalled refining technology for its glass sand. The result is high-grade raw material for glass with excellent light transmission for high-efficiency solar systems, TFT and LCD displays that make the best use of backlight output and car windows which are much safer, to name just a few examples. Or the key consideration could simply be the brilliant aesthetics which the giant technology corporation with a logo depicting an apple with a bite taken out of it would like to see in its corporate headquarters.

Glass sand in a class of its own

Dorfner offers a complete product portfolio to meet the needs of the glass industry. GEBAFLOT® glass sand is a high-quality universal product used in the glass industry to make flat glass, crystal glass and borosilicate glass. The tightly restricted grain size range makes these products suitable for all standard melting equipment, and it helps minimize energy consumption. Our top-of-the-range product, HiPu® high purity quartz sand, is regarded as a safe bet for demanding, technical glass. Our extremely low-iron, high-end glass sand produces highly light-transmissive special-purpose glass and crystal glass with precisely defined technical properties, and it also meets the most demanding expectations for color and aesthetic appeal. If instead you are making high-quality lead crystal or crystal glass, then our kiln-dried DORSILIT® 010 glass sands are the perfect solution.