Paint & coatings need multifunctional fillers

Outstanding hiding power. Improved wet scrub resistance. Excellent matting. Processability and workability second to none. Corrosion protection and environmental compatibility which you can rely on. The demands placed on paint and coatings are so diverse and demanding that it is nearly impossible to meet customer expectations with conventional fillers. DORKAFILL® and DORVALIT® are a specialized range of brand-name products for the paint industry. These unique multifunctional fillers, which are based on calcined kaolins, can be used to selectively tune dispersion paint and coatings to reach totally new levels of performance. Click here for more information on dispersion paint optimization.

Upgrading can boost your earnings

The added performance which DORKAFILL® and DORVALIT® fillers deliver in your formulations can make your business more profitable. Without a big investment in time and money, paint and coating manufacturers can make technical upgrades to their existing formulations to position their products better in the do-it-yourself and professional paint markets. Another option is to take advantage of the improved performance to reduce system costs in paint and coating production. Whichever alternative you choose, DORKAFILL® and DORVALIT® fillers provide an attractive way of increasing your earnings and profit margins.

Refining - the secret to success

Kaolin is the raw material which we base our multifunctional filler materials on. We extract exceptionally high quality kaolin from our own natural mineral deposits which are extensive enough to ensure security of supply for many generations to come. We have the expertise needed to convert raw kaolins into multifunctional fillers. This know-how is our most prized asset, and we use it to create genuine value-add for the customer. However, before this unique material can be used in paint and coatings, it first passes through a complex series of processing and refining steps at Dorfner. The result is top-grade calcined kaolins marketed under the DORKAFILL® H, DORKAFILL® Pro_Void, DORKAFILL® X_Pand and DORVALIT® SHO brands which have an excellent reputation in the paint and coatings market. Their versatility and advantages have been demonstrated in many effective formulations.