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DORVALIT® SHA – the sturdy filler for polyamide

DORVALIT® SHA is an innovative filler made by Dorfner. It is used to reinforce polyamide, making it possible to produce tough, low-cost injection molded technical parts. DORVALIT® SHA disperses quickly and uniformly in the molten polyamide. The excellent flow properties of the molten polyamide make it possible to produce delicate parts with very fine details. DORVALIT® SHA enables engineers to tailor the mechanical properties of polyamide injection-molded parts, and high throughput rates boost injection molding productivity.

Tough plastics

DORVALIT® SHA fillers reinforce technical parts made of polyamide, e.g. for the automotive sector where the parts must withstand high mechanical and thermal stress.

The secret is in the modification

DORVALIT® SHA is based on our high-grade calcined kaolins with surfaces that are functionalized with reactive anchor groups which form covalent bonds with polyamide. They are the reason for the firm meshing which bonds the DORVALIT® SHA filler to the surrounding polymer matrix. Polyamide made with DORVALIT® SHA has an outstanding performance profile, making it an attractive option in many technical applications.

Customer Benefits at a Glance


  • Very strong plastics
  • Parts have good surface properties
  • Firmly bonded in the polyamide matrix
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  • Optimal dispersion in molten polyamide
  • Excellent flow properties in molten polyamide
  • Very good molding characteristics with low shrinkage and deformation
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  • Enhanced throughput
  • Supports high process temperatures
  • High quality parts, high productivity
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An impressive product portfolio

Dorfner can supply a range of highly useful functional fillers to customers in the plastics industry for use in thermoplastic polyamide and elastomers. They are based on our highly-refined minerals such as our unique calcined kaolins. Some of the products are organically functionalized and become firmly embedded in the plastic or elastomer matrix.

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