DORVALIT® SHO – the filler for upgrading exterior wall paint

Dorfner has developed the innovative DORVALIT® SHO functional filler which can be used to upgrade nearly any acrylate-based exterior wall paint. With DORVALIT® SHO in the formulation, your exterior wall paint easily delivers the same level of performance that you would otherwise only get with expensive hydrophobic silicon resin and silicon oil. DORVALIT® SHO creates an elegant opportunity for water management tuning and cost reduction in production. Click here to read an article about DORVALIT® SHO.

DORVALIT® SHO - effective action

DORVALIT® SHO is the first hydrophobically adjusted filler on the market which provides long-term, efficient protection on homes and exterior walls against exposure to water and the resulting damage. DORVALIT® SHO is based on our high-grade calcined kaolins with surfaces that are functionalized with water-repellent groups. DORVALIT® SHO is readily dispersible and can be blended into aqueous exterior wall paint formulations. Riding piggyback with their hydrophobic groups on the surface, DORVALIT® SHO particles are firmly anchored in the exterior wall paint coating. They do not migrate and cannot be washed out.


Plate-like calcined kaolin crystal with surface modification.

High performance – faster drying

Independent testing has confirmed that DORVALIT® SHO accelerates the drying rate. Exterior walls dry out faster, preventing water accumulation inside the building. The illustration shows water absorption by a construction element coated with an acrylate exterior wall paint. A: without additional additives (benchmark). B: reinforced with DORVALIT® SHO C: reinforced with silicone resin D: reinforced with silicon resin and DORVALIT® SHO.

High performance – low fouling

Fouling tests with mold (Aspergillus niger) on acrylate exterior wall coatings confirm that when DORVALIT® SHO is contained in the formulation, the coatings dry so fast that mold, moss and algae have no chance of spreading. A: acrylate paint containing 10% DORVALIT® SHO, anti-fouling score: 7.5; low fouling. B: with 10% talcum: anti-fouling score: 2.5; heavy fouling C: silicon resin and 10% talcum, anti-fouling score: 7.5, low fouling.

Customer benefits of DORVALIT® SHO at a glance


  • Calcined kaolin, surface adjusted with hydrophobic groups
  • Reduced water absorption, faster drying
  • Lower susceptibility to fouling
  • Dirt-repellent exterior wall
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  • Readily dispersible in aqueous dispersions
  • Beneficial effect on rheology
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  • Upgrade for acrylate-based exterior wall paint
  • Low-cost alternative to silicon resin and silicon oil additives
  • Reduces system costs
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The highly refined kaolin is the solution for long lasting colors in kitchens, children's rooms and staircases but also in public foyers. The multifunctional filler is a coordinated combination of various properties. It impresses with its balance of opacity and rheology as well as matting and wet abrasion resistance.

One filler for many requirements

- Ideal especially for tinted, colored systems thanks to high color strength
- Perfect matting agent for dispersion paints
- Ideal for use in living areas thanks to best wet abrasion resistance values according to DIN EN 13 300 Class 1 and low tendency to form shiny areas
- Ideal wherever hardness and durability on the wall are required

Customer benefits of DORKAFILL® PRO_DURA at a glance:

  • Strong matting
  • Good processability
  • High color strength
  • Excellent wet abrasion resistance to DIN EN 13 300 Class 1
  • Virtually no tendency to form shiny areas
  • Reflections-, glare- and streak-free
  • Highly chemical-resistant
  • Conforms to all known eco-labels and EU directives
  • Compatible with all common binders