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DORKAFILL® H – the multi-talented filler

DORKAFILL® H is a calcined kaolin which is in a class of its own. We extract the multi-functional filler from our own deposits and put it through a sophisticated refining process. It is often used by leading manufacturers in their dispersion paint formulations, and for good reason. DORKAFILL® H gives dispersion paint a performance boost which can be exploited in different ways:

  • To reduce system costs, without making compromises in the performance of dispersion paint
  • To upgrade existing formulations to make higher-grade paint with better performance and higher margins without adding cost to the formulation.

Two ways to increase your earnings

Multi-functional DORKAFILL® class fillers give dispersion paint a performance boost which you can use to upgrade and/or reduce the system costs of your formulations.

Use of mono-functional fillers

On many optimization projects where Dorfner Paint applications engineering was involved, multi-functional DORKAFILL® class fillers simplified the formulations and reduced the number of different raw materials. DORKAFILL® H on its own or together with DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID used in existing filler packages can completely replace all of the conventional mono-functional fillers or combinations of those fillers, e.g. talcum, diatomite, mica, aluminum silicate or precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC). You can learn more about paint formulations using multi-functional DORKAFILL® fillers here.

Customer Benefits at a Glance

Technical customer benefits

  • Suitable for interior and exterior paint
  • Can be used in all performance grades
  • High whiteness and high hiding power to meet professional standards
  • Beneficial effect on rheology
  • Improved wet scrubbability and higher matting effect
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Operational customer benefits

  • Compatible with standard binders and additives
  • Makes paint easier to work with
  • Enhances spread and penetration into cavities in the substrate
  • Low splatter, easy to apply
  • Low exertion needed for application and smoothing, high transfer rate
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Economic customer benefits

  • Upgraded formulations for high performance
  • Reduced consumption of expensive raw materials
  • Competitive dispersion paint
  • Improved productivity and work rate (m2/h)
  • Highly productive and satisfied professional painters
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DORKAFILL® brand-name products

The combination of high-grade kaolin and Dorfner’s refining expertise is the secret behind the outstanding features of DORKAFILL® additives for dispersion paint. Well-balanced surface properties and defined surface chemistry combined with sophisticated particle technology are the factors which give DORKAFILL® products their unique properties and great versatility. To convert our natural kaolin into a filler for dispersion paints, we put it through a complex treatment and refining process. The result is highly-refined brand-name calcined kaolins A: DORKAFILL® H, B: DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID and C: DORKAFILL® X_PAND which offer outstanding performance as multi-functional fillers in today’s architectural paint.

dorfner Topseller


This highly refined kaolin is used as a functional filler for dispersion paint. It offers an excellent balance in both hiding power and rheology and provides superior matting and scrubbability performance. DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID creates opportunities to enhance the performance of existing dispersion paint formulations and reduce system costs. DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID is ideal for professional and do-it-yourself dispersion paint. It is suitable for nearly any binder and can be combined with all commonly used tinting systems.

You benefit in 2 ways

Multi-functional DORKAFILL® class fillers give dispersion paint a performance boost that you can utilize in two ways. DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID can be included as part of the formulation in all standard interior wall paints without problem. This Dorfner brand-name filler really shows its strengths when you want an extra matte or dull matte finish on your walls. DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID is also the ideal choice for dispersion paint if the wall coatings need to be highly resistant to mechanical stress. You will notice a significant improvement in scrubbability. Follow this link to find out more about DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID.

DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID – when you want to upgrade your dispersion paint:

hiding power
wet scrubbability

Customer benefits of DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID at a glance


  • High whiteness
  • Very attractive matt wall coatings
  • Excellent wet scrubbability
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  • Easy to integrate into existing tint/tone systems
  • Very readily dispersible
  • Improved workability
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  • Significant performance enhancement for dispersion paint formulations
  • Marketable, attractively-priced formulations
  • Opportunity to reduce binder consumption and/or upgrade performance
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This highly refined kaolin is used as a functional filler in dispersion paint to provide balanced hiding power and rheology. It delivers ample reserves in the coatings for matting and mechanical durability. DORKAFILL® X_PAND is found in dispersion paint formulations for the professional and home improvement markets.

DORKAFILL® X_PAND customer benefits


  • For optimization of dispersion paint formulations
  • Excellent wet scrubbability
  • Good matting properties
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  • Compatible with nearly all binders and tinting systems
  • Very readily dispersible
  • Low susceptibility to shiny spots
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  • Reduced binder consumption
  • Optimization of price-sensitive formulations
  • Marketable formulations and lower system costs
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The highly refined kaolin is the solution for long lasting colors in kitchens, children's rooms and staircases but also in public foyers. The multifunctional filler is a coordinated combination of various properties. It impresses with its balance of opacity and rheology as well as matting and wet abrasion resistance.

One filler for many requirements

- Ideal especially for tinted, colored systems thanks to high color strength
- Perfect matting agent for dispersion paints
- Ideal for use in living areas thanks to best wet abrasion resistance values according to DIN EN 13 300 Class 1 and low tendency to form shiny areas
- Ideal wherever hardness and durability on the wall are required

Customer benefits of DORKAFILL® PRO_DURA at a glance:

  • Strong matting
  • Good processability
  • High color strength
  • Excellent wet abrasion resistance to DIN EN 13 300 Class 1
  • Virtually no tendency to form shiny areas
  • Reflections-, glare- and streak-free
  • Highly chemical-resistant
  • Conforms to all known eco-labels and EU directives
  • Compatible with all common binders